The Benefit of Woven Shoes

Woven shoes (or weave shoes) are well known in the shoe industry.  These woven shoes may also be referred to as baseketweave shoes, since the weave consists of warp (conventionally known as lengthwise) strands and weft strands.  Warp and weft strands are interlaced so that they form a simple crisscross pattern.  For the purposes of forming a basketweave for a shoe, the concepts of length strands and width strands are not relevant, and the terms warp strand and weft strand may be used for the purpose of distinguishing between the two intersecting directions of the strands.

Woven shoes generally provide the advantages of being comfortable and lightweight.  With the proper weave material, the woven uppers of a shoe can expand to keep swollen feet comfortable.  Using a stretchy, elastic type material for the woven upper of a shoe allows for the shoe to expand.  This enhances comfort for the wearer.

Woven shoes also have an appearance that many consumers desire.  The weave can be configured in a variety of patterns, and with a variety of materials.  Woven shoes are often used for casual footwear, but can also be elaborate enough to accommodate the dress look. To further vary their appearance and styles, woven shoes can have a variety of heels and soles.

A popular style of woven shoes are flats for women.  Woven flats blend casual style with comfort.  Many woven flats have the entire upper of the shoe comprised of a woven upper.  To increase comfort, the woven upper is made of an elastic material.  A disadvantage of having the entire upper made of an elastic woven material is that the shoe may not have enough structure and rigidity to securely stay on the foot.  This can especially be a problem during rigorous foot motion.  This can also become an issue over time, when the elastic material loses its elasticity and becomes stretched.

There is a need for an elastic woven shoe to provide improved structure, form, and rigidity to enhance how the shoe secures to the foot.  There is also a need to improve the longevity of the shoe, as the elastic material may lose its elasticity over time.

The revolutionary design of 2018 Heal USA collection consists of 4 patent (the utility patent and design patent) which features the flex you want, the secure you need.  The patent claims the pain-free heel counter, the secured vamp enhanced with adjustable shoe laces and the adjustable Velcro for ankle straps.

All Heal USA close toe shoes come with FREE unlimited insole replacements. The unique dual density memory foam is individually sewn with care, wrapped with a silky smooth surface for a luxury feel to provide excellent shock absorption, while it molds to the shape of your foot.

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